Getting Started…

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Jacquetta, but I am better known as Jai. I have a loving hubby, Thom, and a 2 yr old Shih Tzu named Caesar. I am an ordained minister of the gospel. In my time after my marriage ministry and spiritual ministry, I feed my passion for sewing and crafts. I design costume jewelry, clothing and accessories for the confident woman. I love to be different… I don’t consider myself to be mirrored after anyone (other than striving for spiritual perfection to be like Him).
I am currently working on the curriculum for my first series of basic sewing classes. The course is based from my home for now, so I will only instruct 2-3 excited newbies. My hubby said, “So you’re excited about this project. This is where your heart is….teaching. So go full force.” I love him for giving me support in this project. My goal of this blog is to let the world experience my world as I train newbies to be inspirational and confident with their creations. So follow me…..



I am here to make the difference!


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