My New Baby is Here!

I have never shared how I started with arts and crafts (as most people do). Both of my parents are artists (portrait), therefore, it’s only right that their offspring has the gifts too. Well, not in my case. My artistry revolves around tangible creations either through sewing, jewelry making or painting. Give me a pencil, I will surely show you a train wreck. Lol, OK, so it’s not that bad, but it’s not great either. In addition to being great artists, they (my folks) happen to be some of the best seamstresses/seamsters that I know of! So proud… This is where I come in. I have the ability to recreate an item by looking at it. It’s a beautiful gift and Mom wishes that she had it. I have created one-of-a-kind dresses and handbags. I actually named the handbag collection after my name. So for the past few years, she has lent her Brother sewing machine to me. (Honestly, I thought she gave it to me). She has always been a Singer girl with the old school hide-away sewing table. When she brought the Brother home, I fell in love! So now she will be happy that I can “officially” give her machine back. (Along with that crazy 4-step buttonhole!)

I introduce my new baby…



I love unwrapping gifts…




Here she is! Let’s call her Jaila (pronounced J- la). Welcomed home by Emily the Brother embroidery machine…


I bought Jaila’s new storage last weekend from Hancock Fabrics. Cute, isn’t it?



Fancy, right?

I purchased 2 machines because I plan to hold some sewing classes next month. I will be launching “Say Sew – The Sewing Studio”. The investment has been made, so let’s get it! Stay tuned for some awesome projects and meet the newbie seamstresses!



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