First Project: Lap Scarf

My company, J. Govan Designs, specialize in various clothing, jewelry and accessories. I sell custom lap scarves (designed to cover knees due short or knee length skirts or dresses while sitting. Usually, in church.), custom jewelry, etc in my online store

Today, an order came in for a navy blue lap scarf for a funeral. Her deceased husband was a Dallas Cowboys fan. She initially wanted a Dallas Cowboys tie, but the timeframe was too tight for me (I work full-time). So she just wanted the lap scarf for herself. Well…this order gave me the chance to finally test out my new machine. I like it…it’s quieter than my mom’s, but I feel like it could be smoother going across seams or folded corners. It makes a “thump”. šŸ˜® So I need to get used to it. It’s not an expensive machine, but it gets the job done. My ultimate goal is a computerized model.

Here’s a pic or two of the process:


Jaila the Brother sewing machine.


Hemmed edge.


Lace edge.


Folded for packaging.

See you soon!


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