Say Sew Day 3

OK, I didn’t post last weekend because the students did not finish their project tote bag. The class honestly needed more than 2 hours. Lol, one student begged her mom to let her stay.

So, what happened? Here is the problem…poor listening skills. They learned how to make their own patterns using gift tissue paper. Cool, right? I wanted their totes to be truly their design. I specifically stated and pointed out the seam allowances and measurements. The measurements were great, but the seam allowances were sewn wrong. So, after all the seam ripping, they finally made “a handle” of two. Yep, that’s all that was completed. But, hey, at least it is sewn correctly.

So today to their surprise, we will test on machine parts and functions and finish the totes. If time permits, we will make some throw pillows. Exciting! Don’t you just love tests?


See you soon!
Happy sewing!


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