Filling Orders

This was a week of rest for me. I love what I do, yes, but I needed to be refreshed. So to get the rest that I needed, I took an order for a lap scarf. I know…how is this rest? Well, sewing & embroidery liberates me. My creativity is at play and customers are happy.


Initials looking good…

With horrible news all week, I needed a break. I received a call today from Mom stating that my grandmother fell in the nursing home and broke her hip. What? So she had surgery today. My mind needed to be cleared…. God is able. Thank you, Lord!


Silk Lap scarf complete. Visit my store for more of my designs:

Tomorrow is a new day. Saturday. My sewing pupils have assessments tomorrow in the Say Sew course. Fun! Fun! I have a couple of projects lined up for completion of Segment One. Surely, they will pass. Next weekend, Segment Two begins with sketching and intro to making apparel. I must get them ready for the show! So excited! I am debating on how many categories and of what… Inquiring minds…

Until next time,
Happy Sewing



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