Successful Resurrection Day Wear

Hi, Friends,

Resurrection Day 2014 has come and gone, speeches has been memorized and (for some) eggs hunted. I hope that yours went well. My weekend leading up to the big day was super busy! Once again, after I said I wouldn’t, I stayed up late working on my something new to wear. It actually had me in Wal-mart searching for fabric @ midnight! Thank God for that option. For some, once the fabric stores are closed, they are closed! So what did I make, you’re wondering?


I made myself a peplum top (my 1st one!)with black lace overlaying a red peplum, pinstriped pencil skirt and a matching vest (my 1st one) for my hubby. We color coordinated our look by adding this cool red/black tie on him. Honestly, I was a little unsure of how the look would come off because of my curves ;). But when the first compliment from an elderly lady was given, I beamed and said, “Thank you, I made it!” Then it trailed off into a conversation.
Here’s a closer look:



Happy Sewing!



8 thoughts on “Successful Resurrection Day Wear

  1. Hi Jai! I hope all is well with you and your family? I’ve had a few busy nights in work but am off now! I’ve had my sewing machine out recently and have loved it! I’m not very experienced….yet, but I’m sure you will inspire me! I love peplum tops and yours suits you well, your so talented! One day I might be too heehee!

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