My New Blessing

Hi, Friends,

A few weeks ago, my coworker, crafter & friend told me about a sewing machine that was left behind at her home. She wasn’t sure where the foot pedal was located at time, but she would search for it. Well, I prayed that she found it and she did! She blessed my sewing course/school with it…for free! I received it today and after minor cleaning and maintenance, she is ready to rock & roll. My coworker was like, “It’s not brand name, so I hope that doesn’t matter much.” Uh, no! A free machine!?! Ok, here are the particulars: Brand – White Classic 312. I Googled it to find a free manual and when I called the 800 #, I found out that White is the sister company to Singer. White went out of business in 2009, so their products manuals & support is over on Singer’s site. I have never heard of this brand, but it has great reviews. I am so happy…the Lord has blessed me. \o/ So now I have the manual (downloaded for free). Here she is…


All accessories were in place –button foot, zipper foot, extra needles, bobbin (which is metal), felt circles (?), screw driver, machine oil.

The stitches are BEAUTIFUL! They look better than my Brother stitches. See…


My plans for this baby is to make her a loaner outside of class. She can be temporarily loaned to a student that have yet to purchase their own machine. And returned the last week of the class (without damages). That way they can practice techniques at home like the others. Then again…she sews so good! Maybe I will swap one around…

Happy Sewing,


13 thoughts on “My New Blessing

  1. What a lovely machine! I’ve never heard of this brand either, though it’s fabulous that the stitches still look great and it only took some minor maintenance to get it up to scratch! Great find!

    • Thank you, Vintage on Tap! Yes, the previous owner had the wrong thread on the bobbin (hand sewing thread), so it wouldn’t feed. She attempted to repair the lack of feed from the bobbin and shifted the shutter hook. A little oil, lint removal & reset of shutter hook was all it took. It purrs so quiet… ❤

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