Things Tied Up

Hi, Friends,

I’ve had a great weekend and I pray that you did as well! The “Say Sew” class completed their pencil skirts! Yay! One was a bit too fitted, so I quickly in 20 minutes whipped up one for her. I know, nice right? She was ecstatic. Here are the others:



The fabric was just an inexpensive cotton. One, during her free time, created a bow tie to match and headband without any guidance. She had a vision and brought to life. Exciting! I am so proud of them. πŸ™‚

After class, I rested then tackled my Sunday outfit for me & hubby. He asked first thing Saturday morning, “So what are you making us for church tomorrow?” US… Hmmm… A bow tie for him & skirt for me.


At church


Friday night, I made my 1 yr old niece and 4 yr old nephew a set.


I  will only custom make adjustable bow ties & hankies for the store: The pillowcase dress will be SPECIAL order for toddlers.

Let me know what you think!

Happy Sewing!


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