What? You Made That?

Hi, Friends!

Oh, it seems like forever since I posted any news (2 weeks). So I will try to keep it brief…yeah! Lol 🙂

First, with the sewing course, Say Sew, the girls did great installing their first zippers and attaching D-rings for the strap! It was a task with the zippers and I believe none of them enjoyed it. But I had to assure them that zippers will get easier. Their project were colorful wristlet pouches with zipper closure.


The d-rings were too large for this project.

I shared with the class that I make my jewelry. Well, guess what? They want a class on that. So with the 30 minutes of free sewing time, they learned how to make fish hook earrings. They were pleased.

Now for my company, J. Govan Designs, I have been sewing up a storm. My den is full of fabric from my random hauls from Hancock Fabrics. (*side-eye to Hubby, lol) We went to the country to visit our parents and I decided 10 minutes before leaving that I wanted a new top. Well, I had on one already…but wanted a newer top. So in 10 minutes flat, I made this tunic.


My mom was like, “I thought you bought it! It’s so cute!” This fabric was on the remnant table for $3.95/yd. I was told by one of the associates to always get it remeasured. It cost me $2. Yes! (Also, excuse the bathroom pic, lol)I was busy, you all!. My other outfits are…



What I normally hear on my ootd is, “What? You made that? You are so talented.” And, I do it off the cuff…zero patterns! To God be the glory!
Moving on…..
New bow ties for clients…



Made my labels to save a fortune…




Phew! There it is! I told you that I was busy! 🙂

What are you working on?

Happy Sewing,


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