Peplum Style

Hi, All!

It has been a few weeks of not posting (bad me), but I have been busy at the sewing machine. Most recently, I have been doing some free style sewing and self-drafting. The outfit that I absolutely love and was due to wear on last Sunday for church, had to be worn for my Grandma’s funeral. Yes, she will be missed. She never fully bounced back from the massive stroke. I wasn’t sure whether or not to rock it, but I know she would have wanted me to. So the hubby and I did our thing…


I made lapel flowers for him and myself, his vest and bowtie and my peplum skirt. It was actually a dress, but I wasn’t feeling the top.

I have been working with light weight leather again…


The Say Sew classes are shaping up nicely. The students are using their skills at home and I am so pleased to hear that they are doing so. It makes me feel good about teaching. I want to do something special for their last day. I am thinking of a handmade sewing box…… And we have t-shirts now…


Cool, right?

Well, until next time….

Happy Sewing,


10 thoughts on “Peplum Style

  1. I am sorry to hear about your grandma. 😦
    But good on you for rocking that chic skirt in her honour! I also adore the bow tie. Wish I could make my mister wear them.

    • Lol, thank you, Melveneah! The skirt is super easy. Make a peplum using any circle skirt pattern (just shorter) and attach it to a pencil skirt. Add elastic and a hem on each piece. You’re done! 🙂

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