Mid-length Mermaid

Hi, All!

I hope that all is with you and yours. I have been working on the sewing school’s first fashion show and it is work! One of the three students has completed her garment for the show. The other two isn’t too far behind. I was recruiting models to model my designs… The group is growing fast so I will more than likely trim the models. Everyone can’t model, right? 🙂 I have located a venue! The Lord has made a way for me to get the hours needed for the set up, show and take down for a third of the cost. Yes!

So I made this skirt  for the show, but I wore it Sunday for church service.


I want it to dust the floor, so I will be making it again. I received so many “I want one” comments. Show me the money first! I mean no harm, but this is business. What I did here is moved my peplum to the hem. And it has a side zipper. I should have added at least 6-8 inches more on the pencil skirt for it to hit the floor. Next time…

What are you up to?

Until next time,
Happy Sewing!



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