Tulled Around And Made A Maxi

Hi, All!

My church member, who is a part of the community’s mentoring program, requested a full length tulle skirt for their first fashion show. Of course, my plans for my show was to make one also. My first mistake was that I underpriced the job. BIG TIME! I had an estimate, which is what I used to determine her cost. However, this bad boy took 9 hours!!! My goodness.


I told her that it is worth more than I quoted her for future sales. Believe me when I say this…she wants to pay for another at my new quote! Yay?!? It. must be an easier way other than that crazy pattern. I will most definitely be free styling the next one. And I will let them know it is not an hour skirt… So my rate per hour will rack up real quick. The skirt was a huge hit that resulted in more sales of both maxi and midi length skirts. To God be the glory!

I am sew excited,
Happy Sewing!



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