It’s Been A Long Time…

Hi, World!!! Happy New Year!

Oh my, I do apologize for my absence! With the hustle and bustle of the Holidays and filling orders, I honestly had no time to stop and fill you in.
Well, let me start here…😄

I have officially revamped the “Jai ” Bag” from the 2007 version. With the use of duck fabrics and faux leather, the revamping is off to great start. Thank you, Jesus. I have made a couple of “Mommy and me” dresses, Jai Bags and mini dresses. I will post pics for you at the end.

Christmas was beautiful for my family. How was your holiday? I pray that all went well. Since my last post, I have invested in a serger, Brother 1034D. My Hubs bought me a hobby table…oh, how I needed one! Using the dining room table was a back breaker!!! We are searching for a home (not apt) so that I am able to have an official sewing room/Woman Cave. Exciting!!

I am excited to hear about your projects for 2015. What do you have going on?




Family time at the parents for Christmas…





Happy sewing!!


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