Still Winter…Sew On

Hi, All! I pray that all is well.

Here’s an update on how things are going here in SC. I am still filling orders from all walks of life. Those that don’t sew, those that wished they knew how to sew and those that sew and just don’t. I celebrated my birthday last month and my wedding anniversary this month. So you know I had to make something spectacular! My birthday dress was a nice red number.



Hubs and I 😍
My anniversary dress…


My pastor celebrated his 50th birthday with a banquet. So I made quite a few dresses for that occasion for clients. I made my first (steam punk inspired) detachable bustle skirt, dress, Hub’s vest and tie. He made his scarf :).



Client in a black mermaid gown with tulle.


Client in a red fitted gown.
Also, not shown is a black fitted gown like the one above and a maternity gown with flounce bottom.

So I have been busy. I am excited for 2015. Are you?

Happy Sewing,


2 thoughts on “Still Winter…Sew On

    • Yes, it was, Linda! The beginning of the year for me is awesome. My birthday and then Hubs birthday/wedding anniversary the following month. He gets double gifts, lol. Thank you for the compliment.

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