“Say Sew” Successful!

This freaky weather –freezing cold for 3 days then 70 degree weather–has me sick! However, my first class of Say Sew – The Sewing Studio has me feeling great! I love instructing newbies as I  introduce them to the world of sewing. I  watched the excited faces gleam with joy as the class began to unfold. From class orientation to the completion, (yes, completion :mrgreen:) of project 1, the students remained focused and could tell the parents what they learned. Exciting, right? They are learning! (Jumping up & down 🙌) 

Today, they were introduced to and learned (or refreshed) hand sewing. The art of hand sewing is a necessity in sewing no matter your skill level. Here are some pics of our first session:


Project 1: hand sewn pin cushions



Take home project for practice: dolly

Well, until next week…
Happy Sewing!